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New Paper on Characterization Factors for Microplastic Impacts in Life Cycle Assessment published

We are happy to announce the publication of a new paper, titled “MarILCA Characterization Factors for Microplastic Impacts in Life Cycle Assessment: Physical Effects on Biota from Emissions to Aquatic Environments.” The paper, which was authored by Elena Corella-Puertas, Carla Hajjar, Jérôme Lavoie and Anne-Marie Boulay, was recently published in the Journal of Cleaner Production.

In the new paper, the MarILCA working group presents a comprehensive framework for assessing the environmental impact of aquatic microplastic emissions. The existing exposure and effect factor (EEF) for micro- and nanoplastic emissions in aquatic compartments is updated using additional toxicity data and fate factors (FFs) are developed for eleven different polymers, three shapes and five sizes.

This research enhances our understanding of the ecological implications of microplastics and, more importantly, provides a practical tool for LCA practitioners and environmental decision-makers. We encourage you to delve into this paper, which highlights case studies that confirm that the proposed methodology contributes to filling a gap in LCA and can assist environmental decision-making on single-use plastics and their alternatives.