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Characterization Factors for Microplastics Impacts in LCA published

Today we are pleased to be able to share with you our characterization factors (CF) for microplastics impacts in LCA. The CF are accessible via a table published on our website here and can also be downloaded for use in your research. The CFs provided in the table are an outcome of our recently published paper on “MarILCA characterization factors for microplastic impacts in life cycle assessment: Physical effects on biota from emissions to aquatic environments”.

The CFs were developed as part of the MarILCA international working group deliverable and involved different experts with their respective expertise in parts of the modeled impact pathway. They quantify the physical effects on biota from emissions to aquatic environments, which represents only a part of the potential impact of plastics on biodiversity as described in the MarILCA framework.

You can find out more about and access the Characterization Factors here.